About the Author


Zia Wesley (Wesley-Hosford) is the best-selling author of six books of nonfiction in the genre of health and beauty, three e books in the same genre, two historical novels published as The Veil and the Crown series; The Stolen Girl and The French Sultana, and the new memoir, Notes From A Broad: My Uncensored Year in Italy, all currently available on amazon.com and all other on line sites as well as book stores.

As America’s first cosmetics consumer advocate and visionary pioneer of the natural cosmetics industry, Ms. Wesley founded Zia Cosmetics, Inc, and was heralded as “the inspiration of her generation,” for teaching women how to turn back the clock on aging. She also danced and sang leading roles in three Broadway shows, practices and teaches Yoga and Pilates, is a master organic gardener, an admired chef, and the grandmother of three young adults. Follow her on twitter @ziawesley, and Instagram.


“Appetite and sex are the greatest motivators of history.”

Isabel Allende

F**k getting older…get better. What’s the best antidote to ageing? Expanding all your appetites. Join Zia Wesley, as she tangos her way across Europe with style, humor and a set of sharp chef’s knives, trading the comfort of her “golden years” in California for adventures in Italy, Greece and Turkey. In the first six months, Zia takes up residence in an ancient castle, learns to speak Italian, sings the blues with foreign bands, tangoes in the arms of a lover/teacher half her age, is stabbed in an alley outside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, swims in a radioactive sea in a “blue zone”, and luxuriates in an elegant Turkish seaside resort as the guest of direct descendants of the last Ottoman Sultan. With an open heart and a desire to devour the world while inspiring others, Zia’s wildly unconventional approach to life encourages her readers to embrace the unknown and learn to live with trust and passion. Indulging her love of cooking with fresh, local ingredients, Zia nourishes her newfound friends, and shares her original recipes with you, the reader. You will be inspired to cater your own book club as you explore Zia’s adventures and start to plan your own.

“Life is a banquet and most people are starving to death.”

Auntie Mame.