My daily hour (or two) with Kindle Direct Publishing/amazon

On September 8th, 2018, my new book, Notes From A Broad: my uncensored year in Italy, published on KDP/amazon. For those of you who are not authors, please understand that the first step in the “self-publishing” process with KDP/amazon is the receipt of a “proof” copy to see what the book will look like in print. It took about ten days to receive the proof copy that was rife with mistakes that included: incorrect colors on the cover, incorrect spacing of copy on pages, uneven placement of copy, missing blank pages, missing copy, incorrect copy and fonts and incorrect placement of chapter headings, for starters. It took about twenty hours of phone conversations, thirty emails and two months to get the corrections made. At each step, amazon incorrectly sent me a congratulatory email telling me that my book had successfully published. I should have printed these out and used them to paper the walls of my office as a reminder to never self-publish again. Perhaps I could begin to do that now because ten months later, things are still not right and my poor little book has been “published” more than twenty times. Today on Sunday, the fourteenth of July, I spent the first hour of my morning responding to the daily email from KDP/amazon telling me my book had “successfully published” when in fact, a new error had occurred: the “Acknowledgements” page on the print version had magically disappeared from the “look inside” feature. It still appeared on the e book version, but not in the print version. Also the heading “Introduction” was off center. An hour and two phone calls later, I was told that I needed to make a “simple correction” to the original manuscript and re-submit it for publishing (which takes 7-10 days). Oh no! They would not suck me into this rabbit hole again! I have learned there is no such thing as a “simple correction” with KDP/amazon — when one correction is made, a new mistake invariably appears.

Consequently, dear readers, when you notice this glaring mistake at the very beginning of your book, please know that it is a small sacrifice I made on your behalf — a sacrifice to my need for perfection — or you may never have received a print copy of this book!

Once again, thank you for your understanding and patience and please cut me a little slack if you find other mistakes — I am obviously done trying to make this right and hope the content will override any design flaws.

Zia wesley